Dedicated to developing merchant solutions

This year marks EDP's 52nd anniversary supplying computer services and solutions to merchants and distributors.

Established in 1965 to supply on-line computer services, EDP has serviced the merchant distribution industry ever since. Through development of the specialised MERCHANT software application during the 1980's and acquisition of leading software developers, BML, BCT and Disys Associates through the 1990's, EDP has built an unrivalled expertise. This experience has created a unique understanding, both of the needs of the industry and also, of how technology can be applied to improve business processes and increase profitability in the 2010's.


In 1985, EDP floated on the London Stock Exchange becoming a Public Limited Company. A year later the acquisition of Business Computer (Systems) Ltd saw EDP's first move towards software, and with it brought a wealth of experience of the distribution market.

Development of UniVision in the 1990's, a database management system (DBMS) designed to port applications from the highly acclaimed but proprietary PICK environment, to industry standard UNIX platforms, was a highly successful project and another significant milestone. An extremely stable & powerful DBMS environment, UniVision supports businesses across 5 continents, enabling them to significantly reduce operating costs.

Quantum VS - Next Generation Software

At the turn of the millennium, EDP embarked on its most ambitious project, development of Quantum VS. The objective, to develop a web service based application, incorporating the best available technology, to integrate with other software applications and leverage the Internet. The result of a £10m investment, Quantum VS is leading a new generation of software and will help our customers achieve further success, through the challenging years ahead. Quantum VS may be licenced on-site or operated as a service from our hosting centre in Milton Keynes, again proving the benefit of EDP's experience and commitment to the merchant community.

Group Offices and Locations

The EDP Group has offices in the following locations, servicing merchants and distributors throughout the UK:

  • Headquarters - Fountain Precinct, Sheffield.
  • North West - Runcorn.
  • Midlands - Milton Keynes.
  • South - East Grinstead.